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The exact number of operations Einar underwent to become a woman varies a little across reports, but most list the number at four or five. Niels Hoyer is often listed as the author, but that is a pseudonym for Ernst Ludwig Hathorn Jacobson, Lili's editor who assembled her letters, diary entries and dictated material to form the book. There are just no records of anyone even thinking about that before this, so in some ways [Warnekros] was experimenting on Lili. Read on for my interview with Tom Hooper. According to The Danish Girl author David Ebershoff, "None of this had ever been done before, this idea of accomplishing a transition through surgery.
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The real Einar Wegener saw his female side as another person who was trapped inside of him. How lucky were you to get Eddie Redmayne to play the lead in your movie? In the early years of their marriage, Einar and Gerda earned a living by taking jobs as painters and illustrators for books and magazines such as Vogue.