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2019 October 19 min. 49 sec. 85476 715


Benjiminballings 16.10.2019 в 10:04
The second thing we as EPP believe in is a pragmatic approach on climate change. So that is also one of the questions on the table which we have to answer to our citizens. The second thing is about economy, and there I want to share with you that we, as the EPP, fully support the principles of strengthening our economy, investing in the single market, investing in trade and investing in innovation. First of all because the principle was included that there is no prolongation without the clarification that we need from our British friends — more clarity about what they want to achieve. China is still committed to the Paris Agreement, so they are on our side.
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I want to pick up on your general remark about those who are fighting for a second referendum, those who are fighting for staying inside of the European Union. There is a competition going on, on the political systems, on the way we think as a society, on how we organise a society, and on what are the basic values of a society. China is still committed to the Paris Agreement, so they are on our side. Wir brauchen dann ein quasi automatisches Verfahren, dass die Abweichungen dem EuGH vorgelegt werden.