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Babyaceafreak 12.08.2019 в 18:26
Bank-notes are of course useless in these wild countries; but at Cattaro and Spalato, and other Dalmatian towns, there are money-changers who will change these with pleasure. When the marble columns which supported the arches were in their places, it must have been very beautiful. We found every one anxious to go out of their way to point out to us the lions of the district.
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In Prizren also it was reported that a pig had been found in a mosque. Early on the morning of October the 9th, we commenced our journey in earnest. Many of the neighbouring villages perverted in a block one Easter, when an Italian priest foolishly celebrated mass so early that when the villagers arrived at the town it was over. Over the richly-embroidered shirt is a very short petticoat—a mere waist-frill some 12 inches deep—of striped material, the stripes being almost always all hand-work in the finest stitches.