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The Specialist Nurse The Specialist Nurse works closely with consultant surgeons, the ward-staff and the multidisciplinary healthcare team involved in the care of amputees. Modern prostheses are sophisticated devices that are constructed to exacting standards and, as such, need to be looked after. Each healthcare professional, while being an expert in their own field, is also genuinely interested in the patient as a person, as well as in their welfare and progress. Primary new amputees have a range of emotions to deal with. Pain control is a major issue in many upper extremity cases and the physical therapist has various methods of assisting with this including ultrasound, massage, electrical neural stimulation, acupressure, acupuncture, and resistive exercise.
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When upper extremity users begin to wear a temporary prosthesis, the therapists and the prosthetist are involved in the training process. During this time, the prosthesis will need to be adjusted to the correct height, dynamically aligned and the socket is assessed for accuracy of fit. They work closely with physiotherapists and specialise in helping patients tackle many aspects of independent living; some of which might be initially difficult or embarrassing for you to manage, but that you may want to do on your own in the future. Weight shifting exercises between parallel bars help you learn to displace your center of gravity forward, backward and sideways. Some patients will stay in hospital until they are independent with their prosthesis, but most patients are discharged home as soon as they are able to manage a wheelchair safely at home.