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Almost Got Caught

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They can be mistaken for the homeless, or for disoriented elderly folks. The disk was quickly traced to Rader through a computer at his church. The Data Trail Two weeks later, a disk arrived in the mail at another TV station, along with a gold chain, a photocopied cover of a novel about a killer who bound and gagged his victims, and several 3-by-5 index cards, one of which gave instructions for communicating with BTK through the newspaper. According to Expiration Date, ghosts are attracted to palindromes. And noticed a bunch of spare change.
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And Gacy, who killed 33 young men and boys in the Chicago area in the s, told people he was an undercover police officer and drove a vehicle that resembled an unmarked patrol car, Ressler notes. There's a hole in my pocket. FBI officials refused to make the two agents available for interviews, citing the possibility they could be called as witnesses in several pending civil suits against Rader by the families of some of his victims. It wasn't until I looked up at the sign for our train stop—right over our heads—that I realized Glenelg is a palindrome. Crap, I thought.