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Iarosen4 27.08.2019 в 17:25
In a chilling Snapchat video sent to pals on the same day, the teen recorded himself in the mirror saying: "Found the guy who's done it". A decision over whether to lift his anonymity will be made at the High Court in Glasgow tomorrow. Alongside an adorable photo of the girl, Angela wrote: "Alesha has gone missing from our house please help look for her. The teen fed jurors a "pack of lies" during his trial - including that Toni had framed him by "planting" his DNA on the youngster using a condom discarded after they apparently had sex.
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The monster claimed Toni then used this to "plant" his semen and implicate him for the horrific crime - which she denied. I will do whatever it takes to see that monster destroyed, she declared hoarsely. Tributes flooded in for the youngster as stunned locals on the island, which has a tiny community of around 7, people, created a makeshift shrine outside the home she was snatched from.