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When the system is turned on, vacuum is created everywhere by a vacuum pump that removes air from the system. This pulsator action generally takes place around 60 times a minute. The milk containers should be clean and sterilised with boiling water before they are filled, using a disinfectant similar for use in sterilising baby bottles. The vacuum pump is measured by the amount of cubic feet per minute of air the pump can move measured at 15" hg. The act of vigorous udder washing stimulates milk letdown.
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The Milk flow System The milk line conveys milk, air and vacuum. The area between the liner and the claw is part of the pulsator side of the system. Milk the cow by ringing the base of the teat with the thumb and forefinger and using the other three fingers of the same hand to force the milk down and out of the teat. The easiest way to understand the milking system is to look at the action taking place at the teat cup level. The pulsators are devices that sit on top of the pulsator lines on the pulsator side of the system.