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Blipsub 05.09.2019 в 22:16
He grabs her by her hair and holds her head firm while fucking her mouth brutally and the slut passes her hands all over her body, feeling her breasts and her nipples hardening up under the onslaught of that big throbbing erection relentlessly force fucking her throat. She also shows off her hairy armpits. She is horny, and after painting, she strips naked and we see her hairy pussy up her skirt along with her hairy pits and fine body. Lizzy thinks her girlfriend will be able to resist the temptation… until she watches Adriana pushing that cock in her wet mouth and smearing it all over her face.
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She kicks off her shoes and now she is totally naked except for the choker Lizzy gave her as a gift and a token of their love. Her cute denim skirt is off in seconds as she needs something inside her fast. Balls slapping her chin as he fucks her face! But, her jelly dildo gets shoved in her pussy for the finish. She runs her hands south and gently opens her lips on the sofa.