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Quantum_Cookie 01.10.2019 в 22:51
In this cheek-by-jowl setting, new melodies could filter through walls and windows and be co-opted by competitors; songwriters threaded folded newspapers between piano strings to mute the instruments. Von Tilzer was the consummate Tin Pan Alley workhorse. And who can deny the rock-star charisma of the young woman second from the left, with her scarf knotted like a necktie, and a glower worthy of Chrissie Hynde? It was used in advertisements for everything from Broadway musicals to pretzels.
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These songs were doubly modern, bringing new forthrightness about sex—it was a thing, it seemed, that even respectable white people did, for fun—while gentrifying and deracinating ragtime: recasting the expressive vocals and jaunty rhythms, previously reserved for blackface songs, as vernacular Yankee Doodle American pop. Daily updates ensure the site is always growing and our dedication to handpicking the highest quality content possible make it a thrill to come back. There are amateur couples fucking, casting couch scenes with chicks shooting their first video ever and showing how talented they are, and much more within this breathtaking porno tube.