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Strict Discipline For A Boring

2019 August 10 min. 50 sec. 27255 373


Dopedickwhore 11.08.2019 в 22:13
Recently I decided to try something new so whenever he misbehaves he has to stand with both hands straight out to his sides with a book in each hand for 2 minutes. Attending church was mandatory.
Come_on_GIRLS 13.08.2019 в 15:31
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JenThunderstorm 18.08.2019 в 08:55
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Taichi69 11.08.2019 в 22:13
It can include having a treat like ice cream, a trip to the movies, or staying up extra late. Some children got so scared that they started acting confused and out of control. Boys could explore the outdoors, fish, and hunt. I almost never hear my own kids use the bored word anymore, but they are maybe a little too happy to catch their cousins and enforce the rule on them. Even though at times it seemed that the Puritan parents were heartless toward their children, they actually were not.