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The internal pressure of milk within the udder peaks between one and two minutes after milk ejection and therefore milking should be completed as soon as possible after this occurs. When milk first comes out of a cow, it is warm and must be cooled and kept at below 40 degrees F in a cooling tank or else it will spoil. Chemical composition of milk is unaffected. As milking hygiene is integral to the control and reduction of mastitis, several aspects of parlour routine are discussed and explained elsewhere, namely the importance of lag-time on milk let-down when attaching the milking equipment after fore-milking or wiping the teats and the use of automated processes to disinfect milking equipment between cows.
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The response of cows and those milking them to a pleasant and stress free environment will be measured in terms of production levels. Cows are creatures of habit and consequently changes to the routine should be made gently and quietly. Attach and remove clusters carefully to avoid vacuum fluctuations which cause mastitis. With the permission of your teacher at school or parent at home, leave a small glass of milk out to spoil.