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In addition to jump-starting civic projects, participatory budgeting also builds stronger trust between the city and citizens. I then went to the San Jose Mercury as an editorial writer and columnist. We should want to cherish them and pass them down to the next generation like a well-loved heirloom. Since then, his team has replicated this process of faux-placemaking across the country. Thank you, fellow residents, for all that you do to make Palo Alto a great place to live — which it is!
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My goal with this blog is to help the public better understand what really is happening, and more important, how residents living here may be affected by these local decisions. Highway off-ramps lead to nowhere and paved street grids eagerly await neighborhoods to sprout up around them. This story appeared in Kinfolk's Issue Eighteen. In open forums, local leaders and their constituents meet, propose projects and decide what should get funded. But then the end came — rapidly.