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Minakoaya 17.10.2019 в 15:16
The Madjedbebe dates are controversial because many researchers believe that humans did not arrive in Australia until 45, to 50, years ago. Jon Erlandson Riding a Kelp Highway: The First Americans 15,plus years ago The conventional view of the first humans to reach the Americas is that they arrived from Siberia, bundled in furs and tromping across the steppes of Beringia, no more than 13, years ago.
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A bias remains against the idea that early humans were advanced enough to use coastal resources, including traveling by boat. Other materials that might be found at Aquaterra sites include organic matter such as seeds, fibers and even wood. Being there and doing fieldwork there makes you realize how interconnected this area is. But retired University of Kansas geographer Jerome Dobson has led a crusade for two decades to give these lost lands a single name, Aquaterra, to underscore their significance to the human story. Here the embryo is tested to check if it has a mutation before it is put back into the uterus.