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Mena Suvari

2019 September 0 min. 49 sec. 42572 710


Onlydareal 04.09.2019 в 05:52
My passion for what I did was never about chasing fame and fortune; instead, I had a passion for my work. Hmm, there was definitely an innocence for me growing up. I have been lucky to have people from all over the world tell me that they enjoy my work and how a certain movie changed their lives in some way. With anything business related, it's important to know what you're involving yourself in and what you can build.
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Were you not conscious of representing the lesbian community on a hit show? My biggest indulgence is that I love fashion, and I do have a weakness for a beautiful, classic piece of designer art. I never tried to define it. But is deflecting the male gaze typically a concern when shooting love scenes with another woman? Visiting Africa was completely life-changing in so many respects to experience first hand the people, cultures and the issues along with the possibilities.