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Rough Bathroom

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Will this pass inspection, or do I need to vent directly from each trap? Department of Education administered by the. In this post we'll explore the 5 key elements of your basement bathroom design. In the north, inoodr plumbing started to appear during the s, and was fairly standard by , though it was earlier for people with the money to make the modifications.
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Conventional Plumbing Installation Recommendations With the conventional plumbing installation method, sanitary drain lines are installed in trenches beneath the slab and are not lifted with the slab. Also, when the electrician comes in to do the work, he typically brings a crew of several people, so they can really knock it out in a hurry. I have a pretty good idea of what is required for underground plumbing as I did a complete re pipe on the main house 2 years ago including all new ABS drains throughout as well as a complete copper re pipe.