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2019 October 16 min. 27 sec. 92400 804


NaNaNasty267 04.10.2019 в 17:28
Take two feathers and gently bend them with your fingers so that they are curved a bit. Bird Mobiles - Find out how to make this bird mobile with wooden downs and thread. If you cannot find the thread count on the tag, take the old pillow case with you when you purchase a new one. What you are going to need to make these feather head dressings is five leather straps, each 55 inches long, large pheasant feathers, clear nylon thread, large beads and a needle that can go through the beads. At the tip of the feather, we interlace the rare and short feathers we try to arrange a thin wire between the turns of a wire of 1 mm in diameter.
SoPresidential 12.10.2019 в 12:02
What is this Dude? A real live "maintenance man" or something? Lol
Obi-Wan-Kenobi69 14.10.2019 в 05:04
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Unlikely06 04.10.2019 в 17:28
Select some feathers that appeal to you to create your feather earrings. Before I can call the bird complete, I have nine feathers to finish including the little tips above the wing , the beak, and some touch up stitching to do at the lower edge of the wing and where the body and wing meet. When these fall out during a molt the body replaces them with new feathers. Let dry, then apply a second stiffener coat. Top 20 bosses with final bosses.