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The method can also include, at , extracting an electric network frequency signal from the data representative of sensed light. The importance of the electric network frequency for multimedia forensics emerges because the electric network frequency can also be present in audio or video recordings due to electromagnetic influences in the place of recording. For timestamp authentication and verification, similarity between the electric network frequency signals extracted from multimedia and the electric network frequency signal from power database at corresponding time can be measured by means of Normalized Cross-Correlation NCC coefficient. This application is also related as a continuation-in-part to U. As a result, the load in adjoining areas can also increase, which can lead to a drop in the instantaneous supply frequency.
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For example, demand typically increases during evening hours in a residential neighborhood, as people switch on air-conditioning and other power units. The government has certain rights in the invention. So the finale will need to explain all that. The apparatus of claim 12, wherein the at least one memory and the computer program code are configured to, with the at least one processor, cause the apparatus at least to extract electric network frequency signals from an image sequence of the video recording. Provisional Patent Application No.