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SpookyB00Bs 18.08.2019 в 21:01
Do you experience dots as moving? To fix one of the type series as the unique name-bearer, we designate as lectotype of M. Given that there cannot be objects with impossible properties, then there cannot be such sense data - and so the sense-data cannot explain what our experience is like. Perhaps the most interesting philosophical question that the Waterfall Illusion has raised is whether what the illusory experience presents is an impossible state of affairs or not.
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Anyl_sutter 18.08.2019 в 21:01
However, although this is suggestive that things are seen as both moving and changing position, it is not conclusive. Snowdon notes that the amount of displacement depends on the speed on the inducer, which matches nicely with the observation that the speed of the illusory movement depends on the speed on the inducer. Robert NMNH. Part I. It is thought that many properties that we experience are encoded in this way in the brain: by a comparison between the firing rates of different populations of neurons, rather than the particular rate of each.