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Lisa Arturo - Denise Faye - American Pie 2

2019 December 2 min. 45 sec. 34818 629


Gaboi478 02.12.2019 в 07:58
I enjoy that immensely. But she dropped out to be in her first New York show. Of course, the role she is most known for is that of Betty Draper on Mad Men. It's the nature of performing.
Cedtreztrez 08.12.2019 в 14:50
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Neoloko10 12.12.2019 в 04:11
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Booty4lyf 03.12.2019 в 19:37
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Grungeprincess 02.12.2019 в 07:58
And the instability of it. Faye: "If I have nothing to do, I'm the laziest couch potato. Faye, right, plays Danielle in "American Pie 2. She had a long-running part on the hit sitcom 2 Broke Girls and appeared in a number of films such as Best in Show and Legally Blonde. Currently, she's working as associate choreographer on a film adaptation of the Kander and Ebb stage musical "Chicago.