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Susan Sarandon (with Maria Pitillo) - White Palace

2020 January 5 min. 48 sec. 32121 826


REPTILIANporn 29.01.2020 в 17:15
What was novel here was that in a Hollywood movie it was not so unusual for the leading lady to be younger than the leading man, sometimes significantly, which spoke to a certain sexism in the industry. In Mandoki's vision, White Palace is about overcoming class, family, and outside opinion to find true love. As for Sarandon, she played up a Southern accent and embraced the earthiness required to convince us that Max would be drawn to Nora on a sexual level the actual sex scenes were particularly lusty, to the point of parody in some moments , but also that he would find great affection for her when he realised they had more in common than he might expect. While driving home, Max stops abruptly at a bar for a drink. She becomes his salvation only after he stops hating himself.
Carib_Trini 06.02.2020 в 23:50
Not so low key when it's on public comments..... (Low key though I agree)
Decagon12 03.02.2020 в 02:37
When she was bouncing on his cock, with the heels on...priceless!!
Manguanaja 04.02.2020 в 08:55
Possibly the most interesting plot in pornhub history
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The poster for White Palace showed Spader burying his face in Sarandon's bosom, playing up the raunch angle, but it was actually more interested in this reconciliation between two such different people, and how pleasing it was they would find such succour in one another's company. But the savage irony in Savan's book has been face-lifted by screenwriters Ted Tally The Silence of the Lambs and Alvin Sargent Ordinary People into something else entirely: what passes for low-rent "slumming" in Hollywood means hiring sexy Susan Sarandon to play Nora Baker, the poor, uneducated year-old waitress in a White Palace burger joint who strikes up an unlikely relationship with sad Max Baron James Spader. That was down to Max having lost his wife at an early age, and still struggling to get over it, while Nora has lost her son, so similarly bereaved they decide they can comfort each other as much as they satisfy each other physically. This saw White Palace welcomed as a breath of fresh air in some quarters, and it assuredly courted the female demographic who were perhaps not as young as they used to be, though that was not to say they neglected everyone but them. When he arrives at the White Palace diner, he gets into an argument with the waitress, Nora Baker Susan Sarandon , but she eventually senses he is sincere and gives him the money back; after returning to the party, he is reminded of the reason he is so out of sorts, and ends up drowning his sorrows alone in a bar