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Training Into Foot

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Measurements were repeated 3 times to develop a mean value and tests were conducted a total of 2 times for pre-test and post-test assessment purposes [ 23 ]. Based on the perfect score of 30, more than 28 points indicates stability of the ankles while less than 24 points indicate instability. The NDT measures the height of the navicular from the bottom in a non-weight-bearing state and in a relaxed position and then subsequently determines the degree of pronation of the feet by measuring the navicular height again while bearing weight. Based on these findings, the structure of the MLA undergo through more effective training for patients with foot pronation accompanied by ankle sprains with IFM. The differences in foot pronation measurements are summarized in Table 3.
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Procedure In this study, a pre-test was carried out to find out the changes in height of the navicular and ankle instability of the 30 selected subjects before and after the experiment and men and women were divided. Fiolkowski et al. Fifty-three chronic ankle sprain patients who consented to participate in the study were selected. SFEG showed a significant increase from