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2019 September 0 min. 25 sec. 68310 431


Dombaby 20.09.2019 в 14:03
We thank the you. Third World House sponsored Ture's evening lecture, "Pan Africanism and Humanity," as part of a student-organized lecture series on people of color and revolutionary politics.
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Barack_omobamba 20.09.2019 в 14:03
We wish to thank Brother Muammar and the People of the Libyan Jamiriyha for sending us this hospital plane which I, and members of my biological and ideological family now board. It is then that he ordered all members of the Fruit of Islam to protect me wherever I traveled, anywhere in the world. That speech, about the need for unity in the black community and the inevitability of an anticapitalist movement to unite Africa and Africans, went without incident. From Robert Williams to Assata Shakur, Cuba has paid a heavy price as a haven for Revolutionaries throughout the world.