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Thatassholedavid 06.09.2019 в 07:06
Calculating the efficiency of the bomb as a function of how well you can hold it together is apparently the essence of the still mostly-classified Bethe-Feynman formula. The tamper is itself embedded in a boron shell which is inside of an aluminum shell which is inside of the explosive lenses which is inside of the casing. The pit and initiator are inside of the plug expanded at right , which is then sealed into a cylinder and inserted into the tamper sphere at the center of the bomb. I can just about stomach the odd smoothie.
LuvzBoobz 13.09.2019 в 13:45
Real art is meant to last for an eternity and be preserved for future generations to enjoy. You'll never understand that Deidara...
HardCockAdi1 13.09.2019 в 19:25
Oie docinho, tu es mega fofo, fico feliz que tenhas gostado e podes elogiar que eu adorooo=))
Lesbiantoogood 12.09.2019 в 01:44
Call me a diabetic, I suddenly fancy myself some good chocolate!
Datboidave25 06.09.2019 в 07:06
The thing that brings me back to life pushes me closer to the grave. Read more about sharing Just a few months ago, I was at my biggest, weighing over 19 stone. This is a level of bomb design that I would have normally assumed would be classified but it has been very clearly declassified here, so I guess not. One is the fission reaction itself, which, as it progresses, rapidly heats the core.